by Coffee Talk

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It's our Apostrophe.


released August 4, 2013

Kody Glazer- Vocals, Trombone
Sami Stevens- Vocals (feat. on Boom)
Jake Baldwin- Trumpet
Michael Prentky- Trombone (feat. on Regina)
Jose Arturo Soto Gamboa- Piano
Issac Levien- Bass
Joe Musacchia- Percussion

Recorded in Pierce Hall at the New England Conservatory
Mixed by the magicians at the NEC Audio/Visual Department



all rights reserved


Coffee Talk Boston, Massachusetts

No better way to get to know someone than with a little Coffee Talk. Frothy blend of hip/hop, New Orleans, jazz, soul, classical, topped with the sweet sounds of cajon to give the music that bedroom feel. You can even tell your parents about us.

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Track Name: Boom
I don't know when it became cool not to care about your work
With greatness so irregular, blue rondo a la turk
It's easy to fall back and become a part of the crowd
But I refuse to choose to live a life avowed

To unpassionate living, covered with negativity
Complaining, and scathing, remarks about things
In which one ounce of hard work is required of the mind
I'm sorry you're disinclined, but let me remind you

The only thing that separates the man is the brain
Without the power to reason we are nothing but game
So get off your phone and let your mind ascend
Give a shot at living fresh and maybe you'll transcend

The scope of your consciousness, your own world bubble
The picture from your eyes is never seeing double
So why would you wanna go and live it all the same
This life thing, it's beautiful, create your own name

I can see, through all the trees
Getting there, won't be a breeze
As long as I, keep doing things
That suck away the energy I save for dreams

I'm young in age but not in mind
I feel so far away from where I see my prize
The words I write turn into screams
Begging me to live the life I'm envisioning

Get up get moving
This is the only time we got there's no time to waste
Save your materials, for the buildings you crave not on beams for a mental box

We don't need more zoos
Of animals, tired, trapped in cages complaining about their dues
It's time we walked free
Track Name: Apostrophe
Where am I in your fairy tale?
Am I just another Chip or Dale?
I know we can't define our places in here in time
But I know we'd be in such a brighter key
Cause I'm sitting across from you, after breaking down the news
I know time is what you need but I can't believe that it's all done
Feel my distance grow
My guard put back on it's ball and chain

Starting over, backwards peering
Looking upwards, atmosphering
Sensical illusionary
Making pictures in libraries

Jumping to conclusions seen in
Picture frames and movie screens
So draped in words by sharpened pencils
Rushing towards some made up stencil

Why is there apostrophe before those things that are so slippery?

I will not enter cars if I have to break down the windows.
Doors are locked because of choices
Can't force open with my hopes and scenarios right off kilter

Let it go through brighter filters
Track Name: Regina
Constantly reminded of some pre-determined fate/With big media headlines screaming debt and hate/Parents scared for kids who were born after theirs/Correct me if I'm wrong but this is still the world we all share/Some people think we're all headed for trouble/Citing tales about the many and some morality struggle saying,/Pop culture erodes all the minds/The common denominator ain't nothing but a grind to a halt/As heroes lie in Hollywood/In our consciousness more than a book ever would/With their big parties and their drinking ways/Making a whole new plan of what it means to be a man but,/I got a lot of problems but this talk ain't one/ I'd rather work on me and my philosophies/Than bash a whole society that doesn't deal with me so please/Just do what you do

Her name was Regina/Born and raised a libra, always tried to tip the scales/At the young age of seven/you woulda thought her mom was part airplane/cause she was always seen with her arms in the air/zooming around making a sound with her mouth/Going zoom, zoom, zoom, zoom/It was cute/That's how she spent most of her days/In the air barely aware of all the people that stared/And then she went to her dayschool/All the kids point and laughed/"Who is that girl in the DC20 aircraft?/Called weird and a bunch of other names but Regina's flying wings never went up in flames/Began to be a pretty big problem/Teacher told the parents and the parents told their daughters/You can be a plane if you want to/We're all gonna die so do what you want to
Track Name: Oh, Hara
What is on my mind that I can turn into a song?
Woah is me? Clarity? How bout a plea to be?
Will you even get what I see?
Only words, sounds that replace a sea

Enough about that
How about that moment when you're left on a train?
Only one in the car so you let out a scream going ah
But there's something in the way gotta do it four more times till it's safe to play

Speak on the paper in a linear plane
How can I do that when my life is all change again?
It's like around ten o'clock I start to figure it out
Then I fall asleep, wake up in a whole new bout and then,

Here you come with a smile on
As my work on this tune starts to pile on
How can I write anything that's dark when
a girl like you is living in these parts?